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Onsite Assessments

Onsite Assessments

Niche Assessing Services Australia is able to receive your assessment instructions by fax, email, and phone or by linking directly into our assessing software on our website.

Once we have received your request we will carry out all assessments in a prompt and professional manner.

We understand that the return of completed reports is crucial to the claims process and will complete and return all reports in a timely fashion.

Our impact damage assessment report includes:

  • Confirmation of damage consistency with incident description supplied
  • Digital images to identify vehicle (Speedo reading, vin no, month/year, etc)
  • Digital images of accident damage to vehicle
  • Digital images of any non related pre-existing damage on vehicle.
  • Diagram showing area and direction of impact and pre-existing damage
  • General description of vehicle condition incl tyres, paintwork interior etc
  • Temporary repair details (eg: t/lamp fitted to keep vehicle roadworthy)
  • Contact with insured-t/party to advise them of inspection outcome

Niche Assessing Services comprehensive completed report contains all the information you require to successfully process or conclude your clients claim.