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Niche Assessing Services Australia is an Independent West Australian based company operating in the Perth Metropolitan and surrounding country areas as required.

Niche Assessing Services Australia are using the latest assessing software and digital technology to carry out and manage our reports thus making our inspection service highly professional, prompt and cost effective for our clients. We are flexible and have the ability to operate on a variety of programmed systems to suit your requirements.

Niche Assessing Services Australia offer a diverse range of vehicle and equipment inspections which include passenger vehicles, light trucks and industrial equipment, motorcycles, caravans, RV vehicles and mobility equipment.

Niche Assessing Services Australia can also provide, when requested, complex liability reports regarding any issues for all of the above should they arise and be required.

Niche Assessing Services Australia is committed to providing a specialised and competent service and as such adheres to the codes of conduct required by both the insurance and motor industry.

Comprehensive experience across the board and our ongoing commitment to professionalism have allowed us to become highly regarded and respected in both the insurance and motor industry alike.

Niche Assessing Services Australia understand that the prompt return of completed reports is crucial to the smooth running and efficiency of the claims process and will endeavour to complete and return all reports in a professional and timely fashion.

If our inspection service could be of assistance to your company, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements via our website or by phone.